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Brand Infotainment guarantees sales growth and makes your company secure for the future. We present, sell and advertise your products or services. We realize sales shows up to your own home shopping channel. Every month we lead thousands of new leads to you or your trading partners. And if you wish, we can also sell for you.   Development, creative concept, production and editorial support - all from one source.  We bring your degree of popularity to the top.



Marvel, touch, fascinate, enjoy.  Inform, entertain and remember.
It`s Showtime !

An excellent shop, a good shopping portal, even Google advertising and additional marketing are not enough for sales growth and a stable business. Customers are not just looking for the best price, they're looking for a shopping experience: video shows and home shopping make your business future-proof: Ready for the Future! More experience, more customers = more turnover with increasing awareness every day. This is the right business method for the future that works immediately and sustainably.


   If the shopping experience is great, even price comparison becomes a minor matter.

 The transmission time on the Internet is free and the program can be received on all web-enabled devices: Smartphone, notebook, PC and TV.  You no longer have to commit yourself exclusively to a teleshopping company, you set your own prices and can quickly adapt your show in style and product selection at low cost. Your show on the Internet has a much higher range and provides many more leads than a television channel. Even live streaming with customer contact during the show is feasible. Brand Infotainment produces, places and manages sales shows. We also handle the advertising of the channel and your products or special offers.

Data, figures, facts:

67.7 million Germans spend at least 70 minutes a day online on the Internet.

81.6% of users bought goods or booked services online in 2017.

The age groups of people using the Internet have become much more similar over the past 5 years.

Between the ages of 25 and 44, Internet use is almost 100 percent, which means that they are longer and more often online than young people up to the age of 25.

In the age group 46 to 65, 93.6 percent of all people in this age group use the Internet. In the group aged 66 and over, the rate is a respectable 72.6 percent.

Video search increasingly replaces the classic keyword search.

82,7 percent of all people active daily on the Internet react immediately to video recordings or visit Youtube, Vimeo and other film portals and media libraries.

62,1% of all Internet buyer groups attach importance to videos for product description or make the purchase decision based on a video film, for example through presentation, tutorial, sales show image film and much more: Shopping should be a comprehensive experience and only the medium film offers that.

Videos and audio-visual projects as well as film reports and consumer education formats are the most popular and visited media on the Internet.

         Homeshopping & E-Commerce
                  Germany at the top!

With a volume of more than 65 billion euros, Germany is the leader in Europe. Only China and the USA are ahead of Germany worldwide.

Nowhere else in Europe are so many goods and services sold online and in the home shopping market.

72.6% also use smartphones to be online, and the trend is rising.

41.6% of all smart TV users are regularly connected to the Internet via television sets. The trend is rising. They visit YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo as well as other web TV channels via apps.

We'll get you on TV. Future-oriented and accessible to all:

Nobody reads advertisements or watches boring commercials. People read and watch what interests them and only sometimes it is advertising.  People want to be entertained:   Make a show ! Fascinate them, then they are also interested in your offers".
Howard Luck Gossage


You have the products and services, we make the show and sell it -

You do every day new sales without own expenditure again.


Our presentation &
Sales Shows: Demanding,
original, effective.

Simply different.
Simply better!

Fernsehen Produkte nach Hause liefern

* 24hours at four chanels

* Direct by your clients

* Highest contact rate

* Turnover every day


* be famest

* Sharp your image

We start 2020: Sales Infotainment TV will produce presentation & sales shows:

Demanding, original, informative with an excellent sales strategy and always different.  Each presentation and sales show is produced and broadcast in a different ambience, with different stylistic elements.

                                                                                        Your advantages:

Unique production costs, cheaper than advertising. 24h presentation in 4 channels, as long as you want or until everything is sold: All you have to do is send the goods or conclude the service agreements and write the invoices.

Immediate sales increase through sophisticated online sales measures via 4 channels: Vimeo, Youtube, Dailymotion and nicovideo. We advertise our channels for continuous manner, constant increases in the number of visitors.

You can choose: Product and performance show or include concrete sale of individual articles or an assortment. We recommend, inform, explain, present and take over the effective sale.

You will immediately receive more customer contacts, shape your image, achieve the greatest possible attention and we ensure an enormously growing awareness of your company as well as your products and services.

Our presentation show awards the BISS -TV seal of approval: Only tested products, responsible companies with high social competence and environmentally sustainable action with excellent customer service are presented and recommended by us. This creates trust and is in keeping with the times.

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We realize your presentation and sales show as well as your own online home shopping channel.  Development, creative concept, production and editorial support - all from one source.